Meet Our Librarian: An Example in Overcoming Adversity

Sixto Vargas Pachacopa is 29 years old, born in the community of Fuerte Rua, and is responsible for our library in the Municipality of Tomina. He finished his studies with much effort, and graduated with honors from the CEA (Center for Alternative Education). Currently, he is in the second year of his agriculture studies at the José Martí Institute, where he studies in the mornings, and during the afternoons he is a librarian.

From the age of 15, he began to attend meetings in his community because his father was sick, and later, was elected catechist leader to teach classes to children. At 18, he was hired to be a journalist, using the training he received at ACLO (radio station). In August of 2017, he was elected to be the president of the Municipal Youth Council, and he is currently the Secretary General of the José Martí Institute of the Municipality of Tomina.

His Goals
To be a professional, and to own his own enterprise as an agricultural producer in his municipality; in this way, he can help the people that need it the most by giving them the opportunity to work. He also wants to continue learning and specialize in agricultural issues.

His Message
“Everyone can study and be someone in life. Studying facilitates knowledge, so do not be content with only being a college graduate; if you have the opportunity to continue studying, do it in a way that contributes to the development of the municipality and the country.”

New Library! Barrio Japon

Biblioworks recently opened a new library! The team is proud to announce that the Barrio Japon library is now up and running.

The Barrio Japon library stands out as a bright, vibrant, colorful center for children to play games, learn, and read. While the library encourages play, the area schools also utilize the library as a helpful resource for work. Every morning during the school week, elementary school teachers bring their students to the library to study and work on their assignments. After lunchtime, the library remains open as a designated study hall space. Afterwards, the center becomes a place for students to play and read books.

The library has two rooms: one for elementary school students and one for high school students. Biblioworks volunteers spend time at the library in the afternoons to help students with homework, and the staff is working in the library while school teachers create a schedule for the library to be open in the evenings.

While in Bolivia, Maritza, the Biblioworks Director in Bolivia, reported that this library has become a “haven” for many children. Recently Bolivia has faced violence towards children, including that of physical, sexual, and domestic abuse, alongside child labor. One of the reasons these hardships arose stems from parents working long hours in the city, where children are left alone in result. In face of these challenges and struggles, the library is a place where kids are able to escape such harsh realities and “be children again.” The library is a place where children can be carefree, inquisitive, and happy. Here at Biblioworks, we are very proud of the Barrio Japon Library and the way it is already impacting the community around it!

Sucre Lee is Coming Up!

Get Ready for Sucre Reads!

The April Literacy Event, Sucre Lee, is in just a few weeks! This is Biblioworks’ biggest event of the year where reading itself will be celebrated across Sucre, Bolivia.

At the event, Biblioworks staff and volunteers will board buses across Sucre. Once on the bus, they will then explain who Biblioworks is: an organization that fosters literacy and builds libraries. Our representatives will then distribute reading materials and read a story to those onboard. Sucre Lee highlights the beauty within literacy and the magic that reading encompasses. Biblioworks will become more engaged and involved with the Sucre, Bolivia community, and more people will know about the services our libraries provide. This is sure to be a fun day for everyone!

We need your help to better spread Biblioworks’ message across the Sucre community in upcoming weeks. Donate today to support the implementation of Sucre Lee!

New Office to Plan Sucre Lee!

Our team in Sucre recently moved into a new office to better accommodate their hard work! The office is an approximately 15 minute walk from the central plaza of Sucre. According to Delphine, our Volunteer and Communications Director, it has a very nice and homey atmosphere. Here, our team in Bolivia will continue their awesome work to promote literacy, build sustainable libraries, and positively impact communities in Bolivia.

In the new office, our team will be planning the April Literacy Festival, Sucre Lee. At this event, staff and volunteers will board buses in the Sucre area and distribute books as well as facilitate discussion about why reading is so important. Not only will staff explain who Biblioworks is and the work they do, but they will also advocate for participation in community libraries and reading itself. Through Sucre Lee, the love of reading and Biblioworks’ message will be spread across Sucre.

Please click here to learn more about this event in April and donate to help support Sucre Lee.



We Have a New Fundraising & Outreach Coordinator!

We have a new Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator on our team!

Kaitie Hess is a second year student at Grinnell College studying anthropology with a concentration in global development studies. Within that, she is interested in both environmental and educational studies. Someday, she dreams to see a world where everyone is given equal educational opportunity, and she believes literacy is a crucial step towards that goal. Outside of the classroom, Kaitie has worked as a tutor, teacher’s assistant, and planned an interactive environmental class for young children. Her passion for both learning and reading led her to Biblioworks, and she is very excited to begin working for our organization. Through her experience with our organization, she looks forward to learning more about the nonprofit environment as well as connect with people interested or invested in Biblioworks.

If you want to reach out to Kaitie to say hi, ask a question, or tell her about your experience with Biblioworks, please email her at!


Our Librarian Workshop!

Day in and day out they’re there with opening arms and welcoming smiles. They help their students keep up their literacy skills, and they work hard to keep our libraries in tip top shape. Who are they you might ask? None other than our librarians! READ MORE

Happy Student Day!

They are a generation or two below us. Their minds are expanding before our eyes. They are our future leaders. Who are they? They are the students of Bolivia!READ MORE

Introducing library number 13!

Set at the foot of the Andean Mountain Range about two and a half hours East of Sucre, the town of Padilla is picturesque with its serene landscape and cooler weather. In addition to its beauty, Padilla recently became the newest location for BiblioWorks’ 13th library!


Allen Singleton
Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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