Spreading the Joy of Reading in Morado K’asa


This is Jennifer, again. Like I mentioned before, my work in Bolivia involves initiating and leading a club de lectura (reading club) for the kids of Morado K’asa. About 12 kids between the ages of 8 and 15 participated in the club the first day, but the number has now risen above 20. It seems word spreads fast among the kids of the small town!READ MORE

Volunteering in Yamparaez, Bolivia

(This blog post was originally posted by Deirdre Doran on her blog Cat vs Owl. It is reposted with her permission.)

Kristen and I have been in Bolivia for a couple of weeks now. Part of the reason that we came to Bolivia is to volunteer with an organization called Biblioworks. Biblioworks is a nonprofit organization founded by a Peace Corp volunteer who started a library in the rural town of Morado K’asa.  The demand for more such libraries was high so Biblioworks has helped open 12 small, rural libraries to benefit the people of the Bolivian countryside. While we are in Bolivia we will go to three or four of these libraries near Sucre and try to promote literacy through music. The first library we visited was in the town of Yamparaez. We spent five days in this pueblo reading to the children, writing and playing songs together, and being cultural ambassadors for the USA. It was quite first week!

Deirdre 1Bienvenidos a Yamparaez! It is very common to write messages in stones on the dry, rocky hillsides around here. Yamparaez has about 1000 residents and lies around 20km outside of Sucre. Each day was an adventure getting there and back. We even managed one lift in the back of a pickup, which was great until it started to rain…READ MORE

A story from Presto

IMG_1854The bus had trundled slowly from Sucre, providing us with panoramic views of the Andes which emerge stoically from the ground and extend further than the distant horizon. We were approaching Presto, and our visitors from the States who were accompanying us to the town to see the work that we do were continuing to ask about the town, its population, but more importantly, what exactly our volunteer was doing there in the library.READ MORE

Which book would you share with a Bolivian child?

Which book would you share with a Bolivian child, if you had the chance?

We’ve been thinking about this question as we prepare for our Fourth Annual Festival of Reading here in Sucre this April. We’re busy organizing all of the books and resources that we’re going to use when we bring reading alive to the thousands of children and families on Saturday the 25th of April.

We’d love it if you could get involved with our campaign and share with our Facebook page and Twitter a picture of you reading the book you would love to share with a Bolivian child. We’ve put together a few of our favorites at the bottom of this email but would love to see YOURS.READ MORE

Goodbyes and hellos to volunteers old and new!

Our breakfast leaving party for Chantal and Francine

Our breakfast leaving party for Chantal and Francine

It was with sadness that we said goodbye to our wonderful Swiss volunteers, Chantal and Francine, who have worked tirelessly in our library in Papa Aceintuno for the past five weeks. The girls have managed to establish a fantastic attendance rate for their reading club in the library with over twenty children attending their three sessions a week. The girls have achieved fantastic success with the children of Papa Aceintuno through a mixture of enthusiasm and a variety of activities to engage them, including encouraging reading through group activities, Spanish vocabulary learning games using flash cards, and group play.READ MORE


Anja, our new volunteer from Luxembourg, with the kindergarten class in Pampa Aceituno.

Anja, our new volunteer from Luxembourg, with the kindergarten class in Pampa Aceituno.

Last week, I had the great pleasure of visiting our library in the community of Pampa Aceituno, a school library located 30 minutes away from Sucre. Anja, our newest volunteer, first helped the students with their reading skills, teaching them to anunciate and to express punctuation, then taught a short English lesson on the colors. It was a wonder to behold the children’s eagerness to learn and the way Anja worked with them. This is truly the soul of volunteering.

‘BiblioWorks’ por Andrea de Zaigua

La biblioteca en Morada Q’asa

La idea de ampliar los horizontes de una comunidad de posibilidades limitadas, empoderar a su gente a través de libros, mostrándoles el mundo por medio de la lectura; eso y más es lo que ha hecho Biblioworks desde sus inicios hace ocho años.

BiblioWorks es una organización sin fines de lucro que a través de la oferta de bibliotecas y espacios culturales da una oportunidad de fortalecimiento a las comunidades rurales de Chuquisaca, Bolivia.READ MORE

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Featured Library: Padilla
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BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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