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Hello, my name is Angie and I am twelve years old. I live with my grandma in Tomina. We live right across from the library. My grandma does not allow me to go to the library, but I always find the way to sneak out from home and go to the library. My grandma thinks that reading is just a waste of time, but I love reading, that is why I am a member of the library’s reading club. My grandma does not understand that I need to study in order to overcome the issues that women face in my community.  



My name is Ruben and I am from Yamparaez. I like to go to the library every afternoon and I am a part of the Reading Club there. We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:30. During Reading Club, we play reading games, read books, take English classes from volunteers, learn computer skills, draw and many other activities. I know that if I study I will be able to overcome poverty. If you come to visit Yamparaez I will greet you in english: “Hello, what is your name?”


Marisol 8 años

When the library opened in my town in 2005, I was seven years old. My older brother Pablo was part of the group that helped to build the library. When I was only 14 years old I was asked to be the librarian in my community, something that I very happily agreed to do. At the beginning I was super scared, but with the training of the BiblioWorks staff and the support of my family I was able to do a good job.


Kids in Bolivia

It is my pleasure to have volunteers in the library. They provide great activities to children, teach English, and create games for the children to play in the library. BiblioWorks created a library in my school in 2012 and in 2013 they developed a Reading Corner. Since then we have had many international volunteers supporting the work with children. More than 60 students go to the library every day. I am really thankful to BiblioWorks for the creation of the library.  – Jhenny Masias (Principal of the school in Pampa Aceituno)

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Serrano library


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