Our Board Of Directors (BOD)

President: Matthew Lynn

Matt is a creative, passionate and detail-oriented leader, who has dedicated his professional life to service through nonprofit work. He has shown his commitment to BiblioWorks as the former director in Bolivia and by now serving on the Board of Directors. His passion comes from the personal belief in the power of education and literacy to transform communities. He lived in Bolivia for a total of nine years and recently moved back to the USA. As a Peace Corps volunteer he started a community library in the small town of Aiquile.

Vice-President: Brendan Sherar (Founder)

Brendan is the founder and CEO of Biblio, Inc, which operated Biblio.com, an online marketplace for used and antiquarian books, based in Asheville, NC. Together with his sister Megan, and Allen Singleton, he founded BiblioWorks in 2005 and has served continuously on the board of directors since.  Biblio.com continues to be BiblioWorks’ largest single donor with a generous annual stipend that covers most of our administrative costs.

Treasurer:  Allen Singleton

Allen is an ex-academic with an abiding interest in the world of books, computers and Daoism. He has a PhD in comparative philosophy of religions from the University of Chicago. Allen has been serving as the Biblioworks treasurer for more than ten years. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and brewing beer.

Secretary: Cecil Bothwell

Cecil Bothwell is a politician, writer, artist, musician, and builder. He was elected to the Asheville, North Carolina city council in 2009 and reelected in 2013. Cecil has worked in construction with an emphasis on environmental building. He was an editor for the alternative newspaper Mountain Xpress and as an author he has published nonfiction, poetry, and music.

Cecil was the president of the BOD in  2014. In the first month of his service, he increased the donations to the organization by 60%.

Megan Sherar (Founder)

Megan Sherar is from Asheville, NC. She went to Bolivia in 2003 as a Peace Corps volunteer, and stayed there for six years. She served in the tiny town of Morado K’asa as an agricultural volunteer. She is married to Henry Padilla from Sucre, Bolivia and while they currently live in the USA; the people of Morado K’asa still live in her heart.

Megan is an extremely hardworking and organized person who is dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone. She loves to dance, read and hang out with good friends.

John Carzoli

John is a professor in the Department of Physical Therapy of Western Carolina University. He has a B.S. from Auburn University, an M.P.T. from the Medical College of Georgia, and a Post-professional D.P.T. from Washington University.  He has served on the BOD since 2010 after he traveled to Bolivia. His knowledge of the context in which BiblioWorks functions, makes him a great asset when making decisions.