BiblioWorks Staff

Executive Director: Maritza Valdezindex

My name is Maritza. I am originally from Camargo, a town south of the city of Sucre near Tarija. I am a professional in education and have been working for BiblioWorks since 2008. I have trained all of our librarians, library committee members and teachers. I am happy and I love to laugh and talk to people. My two beautiful children, Mateo and Adrian are the major happiness in my life. I have represented BiblioWorks as an activist in the process of writing laws to protect children in the department of Chuquisaca, as well as promoting the work BiblioWorks does in Sucre and in the communities where we have libraries.


?Project Coordinator: Magaly Arancibia

My name is Magaly. I am professional psychologist. Some of the activities that I enjoy the most are outdoors, such as hiking, observing plants, feeling the breeze, and breathing the clean air. It makes me sad to see injustice and people’s rights being violated.  I am passionate about social justice and want to generate social consciousness in people to overcome ignorance. I believe that reading is the door to knowledge, and BiblioWorks’ libraries are areas of learning for every person in the community.   I enjoy reading to understand the complex world that we live in.  Working with BiblioWorks is a great opportunity to strengthen the rural communities in Chuquisaca.


Project CoJhovana Bejaranoordinator: Jhovana Bejarano Salazar

My name is Jhovana and I am 31 years old. I am currently one of the project coordinators in BiblioWorks. Reading is the most important thing in the world for me. I think that the world would be dead without reading; nature, birds and water would slowly fade away. My life motto is “Books taught me to think and thought made me free.”



Past Office Volunteers

IMG_20161221_074108932_HDRVolunteer and communications coordinator: Delphine

My name is Delphine and I’m from France. I am a political science and international relations student, and I’ve been BiblioWorks’ Volunteer and Communication Coordinator since September 2016. I’m really enjoying living in Sucre and working with BiblioWorks’ friendly and dedicated staff. My favorite part of the job is traveling to rural villages where we manage libraries. When there, I am able to help volunteers settle in and meet the local librarian and children. I love reading and I’m really glad to be able to help spread literacy.


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Fundraiser and Outreach Coordinator: Kaitie Hess

My name is Kaitie. I am a second year student at Grinnell College in Iowa studying Anthropology with a concentration in Global Development Studies. Within that, I am especially interested in environmental and educational studies. I love to explore. Beyond physical exploration (like my love for hiking), reading allows me to become an adventurer across time and space. Not only can I learn about the world around me, but reading enables me to imagine fantastical people, places, and worlds. I am super excited to work with Biblioworks, and I hope my love for books will assist in its growth and purpose.