BiblioWorks Staff

Executive Director: Maritza Valdezour staff

My name is Maritza. I am originally from Camargo, a town south of the city of Sucre near Tarija. I am a professional in education and have been working for BiblioWorks since 2008. I have trained all of our librarians, library committee members and teachers. I am happy and I love to laugh and talk to people. My two beautiful children, Mateo and Adrian are the major happiness in my life. I have represented BiblioWorks as an activist in the process of writing laws to protect children in the department of Chuquisaca, as well as promoting the work BiblioWorks does in Sucre and in the communities where we have libraries.


Project Coordinator: Magaly Arancibia

My name is Magaly Arancibia from the Municipality of Sucre, Chuquisaca Department, and my profession is Psychology. What I like most is to travel and become acquainted with new cultures, their traditions and customs, and to keep in touch with plants, rivers, and fresh air. What I like least is the violation of human rights, especially those of children.
From the space I am in, I will do my part to raise awareness among people about the reality of our society and see how to improve it. I believe that reading is a door that is dependent upon ourselves to open, in order to strengthen our knowledge and thus overcome ignorance.


Project Coordinator: Edelmira Velásquez Cárdenas

I am Edelmira Velásquez Cárdenas, a psychologist by profession. I was born in Monteagudo, a rural municipality, located southeast of the department of Chuquisaca. I enjoy a good read accompanied by instrumental music or a delicious cup of coffee, and finding new places to stop to take a deep breath and appreciate the wonder of nature. I enjoy sharing activities with children and adolescents as they surround you with their joy and imagination that makes your day change positively. It is with them that we can achieve the improvement of our society, accomplishing changes that can be sustained in the long-term; that is why I believe that the BiblioWorks Foundation gives us the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of life situations for people of all ages, from their own context and a library.



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