Goodbyes and hellos to volunteers old and new!

Our breakfast leaving party for Chantal and Francine

Our breakfast leaving party for Chantal and Francine

It was with sadness that we said goodbye to our wonderful Swiss volunteers, Chantal and Francine, who have worked tirelessly in our library in Papa Aceintuno for the past five weeks. The girls have managed to establish a fantastic attendance rate for their reading club in the library with over twenty children attending their three sessions a week. The girls have achieved fantastic success with the children of Papa Aceintuno through a mixture of enthusiasm and a variety of activities to engage them, including encouraging reading through group activities, Spanish vocabulary learning games using flash cards, and group play.

To celebrate all the hard work that the girls have put into their volunteering here at BiblioWorks, we laid on a breakfast leaving party complete with a wide range of breakfast delicacies! We were saddened to see the girls depart as they continue their extensive travels around South America, but were glad to have the opportunity to show our appreciation by presenting them both with a certificate from us here at BiblioWorks recognising their dedication and enthusiasm towards all that they have done for the charity!

Certificates of appreciation for the girls' dedication and hard work!

Certificates of appreciation for the girls’ dedication and hard work!




We were also saddened to say goodbye to another exceptional volunteer, Russ Tobkin, who has been volunteering in the library in Presto for five weeks and has similarly been an incredibly valuable and motivated member of our team here at BiblioWorks. Thank you Russ for everything that you have done for the community of Presto!

We were also delighted this week to welcome our newest volunteers who are offering their time to work in our libraries in and around Sucre.



A warm welcome to:

  • Jeremy Dodd from the USA, who has newly arrived in Morado K’asa;
  • Iris Parker, also from the USA, who is volunteering in the library in Tomina;
  • And finally, our newest volunteer, Alice McBeth, from New Zealand, who will be sharing her time between Yamparaez and the office.

We wish them all well in their new libraries and are excited about the fantastic work that they are doing in their respective communities!


If you are interested in finding more about the volunteer opportunities here at BiblioWorks in Sucre, Bolivia, please don’t hesitate to contact us via We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated individuals who are looking for a project that has a real, tangible and sustainable impact in a local community.

We have spaces in communities around Sucre for January and February and would love to hear from you!