Stories in the Plaza

IMG_7743Friday afternoons, Roxana and Silvia from BiblioWorks share stories with children in Sucre’s central square (Plaza 25 de mayo). Many of these children work in the plaza shining shoes and selling various small items.READ MORE

Which book would you share with a Bolivian child?

Which book would you share with a Bolivian child, if you had the chance?

We’ve been thinking about this question as we prepare for our Fourth Annual Festival of Reading here in Sucre this April. We’re busy organizing all of the books and resources that we’re going to use when we bring reading alive to the thousands of children and families on Saturday the 25th of April.

We’d love it if you could get involved with our campaign and share with our Facebook page and Twitter a picture of you reading the book you would love to share with a Bolivian child. We’ve put together a few of our favorites at the bottom of this email but would love to see YOURS.READ MORE

BiblioWorks Supports Global Handwashing Day

Smiles all around

On the 15th of October 2014, members of the reading club at the municipal library in Tarabuco, along with over 200 million people worldwide, took part in celebrating Global Handwashing Day. Using water, soap and boundless enthusiasm, the children enjoyed learning about the importance of good hygiene and its part in their everyday routine. As you can see, they very much enjoyed their lesson!READ MORE

LA DESPEDIDA DE ANJA- Anja’s Goodbye Party

IMG_8144It is with heavy but full hearts that we say goodbye to one of our most enthusiastic, giving, and dedicated volunteers, Anja! Anja spent six weeks at the school of Santísma Trinidad in the rural community of Pampa Aceituno just outside of the city of Sucre working with children from K-7th grade.  She created and ran literacy clubs in which the class read books together and learned about grammar, punctuation and how to read with confidence and passion as well as teaching English classes.  READ MORE

Sopachuy Library Sustainable in 2013!

Working on strategies for sustainability

The library in Sopachuy, opened in April of 2008, will be our third municipal library that will be left in the capable hands of the community. From the beginning of the project in Sopachuy, the local government and leaders in education have supported the library and the reading programs run from there.READ MORE

New library in Maragua!

The community of Maragua

We are excited to announce yet another new BiblioWorks library.  The new project is in the community of Maragua, approximately 40 miles from the city of Sucre. The community is inside an ancient crater created by a meteor and is surrounded by the main mountain chain that runs through the middle of the region, la Cordillera de los Frailes. Education is extremely poor and the community leaders and teachers are very excited to be a part of this project. READ MORE

Be a part of the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival

Help spread the joys of reading in Bolivia

Image from the first ever literacy festival in Sucre, Bolivia

Last year, the first ever literacy festival in Sucre, Bolivia, was organized by BiblioWorks. It was a huge success. Fifteen organizations and over 500 students participated in the events. Now we need your help to make the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival an even bigger success.READ MORE

Meet Angie in Tomina!

Angie outside of the Tomina library

Angie is a twelve-year-old girl who lives in the town of Tomina. She lives with her grandmother across the street from the library. Unfortunately her grandmother doesn’t know the value of education and the positive impact that the library can (and is) having on Angie’s life; she doesn’t allow Angie to visit the library after she returns home from her morning classes.READ MORE

Documentary film in Morado K’asa

A teacher works with some of the kids in the school in Morado K’asa

The past few months, BiblioWorks has been working with a local organization called Condor Trekkers and an organization based in Poland called Early Stage, to create a documentary video about the community of Morado K’asa.


The main focus of the video is to highlight the lives of children in a rural, indigenous community in Bolivia to share with children in Poland. The video and an accompanying song, performed by the kids in Morado K’asa, will then be sold to parents in Poland who participate in Early Stage’s projects.READ MORE

Volunteering in Pampa Aceituno

I have been volunteering with Biblioworks for just over a month now. I am working in one of Biblioworks` few school libraries, located in the community of Pampa Aceituno, which is about a half hour drive outside of Sucre. It has been a fascinating experience. Everything, from taking care of the library, helping teachers tutor students who need one-on-one attention, teaching a weekly English class, to simply getting there (usually in the back of a camioneta), has been a great experience for me.


Educational festival in Tarabuco

Kids turnout for reading activities

As the Bolivian school year comes to a close, all of our libraries are working hard to assist children and high-school students with their homework in preparation for their final exams. An important activity for the end of the school year, in every town, is an educational festival to spotlight the hard work the children have done all year.

BiblioWorks and the library in Tarabuco were recently asked to prepare activities for the educational festival to be held in the main plaza. The BiblioWorks staff and volunteers prepared lots of materials, books and games for the children who would participate in the festival.READ MORE

My First Week At BiblioWorks!

Hi everyone!

If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about volunteering at BiblioWorks, and to you I say, DO IT!* After a going through security screenings in four different countries I arrived to beautiful** Sucre last Saturday. After only a week of working here I’m totally convinced that I made the right decision to be the BiblioWorks Volunteer Coordinator for a year. By the way, my name is Zannah, like Hannah, but with a Z. 🙂READ MORE

Meet Ruben from Yamparáez

Ruben in the Yamparáez library

Ruben Ortiz is a ten year old who lives in Yamparáez, where BiblioWorks opened the town’s first public library in 2007. He is energetic, always laughing and attends the library every afternoon. Ruben is part of the Yamparáez library’s reading club, which is comprised of about 20 children. They meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. to do activities focused on improving reading skills. They also play games, take English classes from volunteers, learn computer skills, draw and many other activities that motivate them to improve their education.READ MORE

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Featured Library: Padilla
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