A recent volunteer from France shares her experience

This post is also available in: Spanish French

Clémentine Riot volunteered with us for about a week, assisting us at one of the municipal libraries. She summarizes her experience below (translated from French).

I had only about ten days to devote to a Biblioworks library. Because of the national holiday this was reduced to 6 days.

On the 1st day, I met the nice Martha who works in the library of El Tejar (Campo close to Sucre). I helped university students and librarians to make cardboard games for the feria.

I continued this activity in Tejar with the kids after the homework. I also tried to teach them English but it was not easy as they all had different ages so a different level in English. In spite of that they were always enthusiastic and enjoyed the songs in English. I loved when they showed me their village. They were so proud to be the guides. The traditional dance course was a time of joy too, with Toto, a great teacher, very dynamic and funny.

To finish, our trip to the Castillo de la Glorieta with a guide was the cherry on the cake. The children were very happy and interested in this place so different from their daily lives. Situated just a few minutes away from their home, none of them had ever gone before! Although it was short, this experience taught me a lot and was very interesting. The children were generally curious and asked me a lot about France and my city, Paris. I was also able to question them to understand their culture and their needs. But also to observe the similarities or differences between our countries so distant.

Martha, my “binomial” at El Tejar was very attentive and received me in her family for a birthday. I hope to return one day to El Tejar.

Thank you again to Biblioworks for hosting me in a library and especially for agreeing to listen to my preferences so that the experience happens at best!