BiblioWorks presents at the Feria Internacional del Libro 2014

Maritza with renowned children's author, and organiser of the conference, Gaby Vallejo

Maritza with renowned children’s author, and organiser of the conference, Gaby Vallejo

On Friday the 7th of November, BiblioWorks were excited to present at the Jornadas de Literatura Infantil y Lectura, a two day event which is part of the annual Feria Internacional del Libro in Cochabamba. We were delighted to share the platform with numerous other organizations from around Bolivia, all of whom gave illuminating presentations about their strategies for bringing literacy and reading to local communities.READ MORE

BiblioWorks Supports Global Handwashing Day

Smiles all around

On the 15th of October 2014, members of the reading club at the municipal library in Tarabuco, along with over 200 million people worldwide, took part in celebrating Global Handwashing Day. Using water, soap and boundless enthusiasm, the children enjoyed learning about the importance of good hygiene and its part in their everyday routine. As you can see, they very much enjoyed their lesson!READ MORE

LA DESPEDIDA DE ANJA- Anja’s Goodbye Party

IMG_8144It is with heavy but full hearts that we say goodbye to one of our most enthusiastic, giving, and dedicated volunteers, Anja! Anja spent six weeks at the school of Santísma Trinidad in the rural community of Pampa Aceituno just outside of the city of Sucre working with children from K-7th grade.  She created and ran literacy clubs in which the class read books together and learned about grammar, punctuation and how to read with confidence and passion as well as teaching English classes.  READ MORE

Building a Playground for the Community of Tomoroco

Group photo of many of the volunteers who worked on the park

Group photo of many of the volunteers who worked on the park

In the year 2013, former Volunteer Coordinator Zannah Pierce began plans for a playground in the town of Tomoroco in which Biblioworks established a library on the grounds of the community school in May of 2013.  This impoverished, rural community had no parks or community spaces and so we wanted to create a space in which children could express themselves through active play, where families could gather, and in order to make the library a more inviting place that meets the needs of the community.   It took months of fundraising, communication with architects, town officials, and consulting numerous sources surrounding health and safety to ensure that all activities on the playground were viable, secure, and would make a positive long-term impact on the community. 

On the 30th of March through the 1st of April, after months of working with city-wide and municipal officials,  we were able to carry out the building of the playground in the village of Tomoroco!  READ MORE

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Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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