Science at Barrio Japón!

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This past Friday, our library at Barrio Japón hosted its first community science class! The class was taught by university and high school students from local organizations Peque Innova and Tu Ciencia Joven, whose mission is to promote the learning and application of science, technology and innovation in younger generations here in Bolivia.

Twenty students from the local elementary school in Barrio Japón took a field trip to our library in lieu of their usual lesson, and were treated to a morning of fun activities, building wind-powered electric conductors (powered in reality by the students’ own breath!) and learning about various types of energy and the importance of conserving natural resources.

This event was truly a great success; the students were so excited to be a part of the class, especially when they were successful in turning on the small red light attached to their homemade wind turbines! A big thank you to our volunteers for helping out during the event, and to Peque Innova/Tu Ciencia Joven for teaching our local students how fun science can be!






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