Sucre Lee is Coming Up!

Get Ready for Sucre Reads!

The April Literacy Event, Sucre Lee, is in just a few weeks! This is Biblioworks’ biggest event of the year where reading itself will be celebrated across Sucre, Bolivia.

At the event, Biblioworks staff and volunteers will board buses across Sucre. Once on the bus, they will then explain who Biblioworks is: an organization that fosters literacy and builds libraries. Our representatives will then distribute reading materials and read a story to those onboard. Sucre Lee highlights the beauty within literacy and the magic that reading encompasses. Biblioworks will become more engaged and involved with the Sucre, Bolivia community, and more people will know about the services our libraries provide. This is sure to be a fun day for everyone!

We need your help to better spread Biblioworks’ message across the Sucre community in upcoming weeks. Donate today to support the implementation of Sucre Lee!