Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!

And the award this month for ‘Most Hardworking‘ goes to… (drum roll please)… our volunteers!

Each year, people from around the globe join us at one of our various libraries throughout Bolivia and help us make a difference in the world. As a growing nonprofit, we could not be more appreciative of all the work they do! So this month we want to show appreciation to our wonderful volunteers!

Whether it be helping set up a new library, stocking one of our established libraries with books, furniture, or other supplies, or helping children work on their literacy skills, our volunteers are always working hard to help us promote our cause!

So what have our volunteers been up to this year you might ask? In short a little of everything!

Back in April they successfully held BiblioWorks’ fifth annual reading festival, and the turnout was over 1,000 people! In June they put the finishing touches on and inaugurated BiblioWorks’ 13th library in Padilla. In July they helped fill the libraries of Tarabuco and Presto with new books, as well as added a new volunteer to their team! And at the end of this month, a group of volunteers from Globetrotting for Good will help repair and renovate the playground of the Tarabuco library!

And as if all of these accomplishments weren’t enough, the day to day life of a volunteer is equally as amazing!

A morning typically consists of waking up, eating breakfast, and heading to the local library to help the librarian with various tasks. Most of the time organizing books or helping making posters is on the morning agenda! In the afternoons time is generally spent working with school children by helping them with their reading skills or leading fun activities such as art projects and games. Projects could be anything from making jellyfish out of plastic cups and tissue paper, to setting up and performing a puppet show is handled by our volunteers! Needless to say, their creative and artistic sides vibrantly shine through each day! This past month, some of our volunteers even held after-school English lessons for students who were interested in learning English!

As you can see, every month our volunteers in Bolivia make an enormous impact on the lives of those in the communities in which they work, and to them we owe a huge thank you!

We can’t wait to see what exciting things our volunteers do in the months to come!