Our Librarian Workshop!

Day in and day out they’re there with opening arms and welcoming smiles. They help their students keep up their literacy skills, and they work hard to keep our libraries in tip top shape. Who are they you might ask? None other than our librarians! 

Without the continual support and dedication of our librarians, BiblioWorks would not be what it is today.

Each year BiblioWorks holds a workshop for all of our librarians as part of our overall goal to promote eventual library self-sustainability. Making sure they are comfortable and have all the resources necessary is of upmost importance to us! The workshops help to educate our librarians on current events within the organization, as well as keep them up to date on new activities they can use when working on literacy skills with students and other library users.

This year the workshop was held in Sucre on September 23rd. It began with engaging presentations by our Bolivian staff on how the scope of each librarian’s job goes far beyond just working in a library. Their work also contributes to the growth of children and the community as a whole!

The workshop went on to cover how to classify books based on their genre, and different games librarians can use with children to teach them categorical skills. The librarians then split up into groups of 3 or 4 and practiced categorizing various books!

The laughs, ideas and experiences shared among the librarians made this workshop our most successful one yet! We can’t wait to continue watching our librarians empower their communities with literacy skills and educational support!