We Have a New Fundraising & Outreach Coordinator!

We have a new Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator on our team!

Kaitie Hess is a second year student at Grinnell College studying anthropology with a concentration in global development studies. Within that, she is interested in both environmental and educational studies. Someday, she dreams to see a world where everyone is given equal educational opportunity, and she believes literacy is a crucial step towards that goal. Outside of the classroom, Kaitie has worked as a tutor, teacher’s assistant, and planned an interactive environmental class for young children. Her passion for both learning and reading led her to Biblioworks, and she is very excited to begin working for our organization. Through her experience with our organization, she looks forward to learning more about the nonprofit environment as well as connect with people interested or invested in Biblioworks.

If you want to reach out to Kaitie to say hi, ask a question, or tell her about your experience with Biblioworks, please email her at internbiblioworks@gmail.com!