Happy Student Day!

They are a generation or two below us. Their minds are expanding before our eyes. They are our future leaders. Who are they? They are the students of Bolivia!

On September 21st Bolivia will celebrate their annual Student Day, when students around the country are acknowledged and celebrated for their immense success and hard work.

Students in many of BiblioWorks’ library locations have shown their dedication to improving their literacy skills, but there is one boy in particular whose passion for reading takes the cake: Rider Rodriguez Olivares (pictured to the far right).

Rider is 10 years old and is the second eldest of six children in his family. He attends the fifth grade at the town’s local elementary school, and when not in class he can usually be found reading a book at the Virgen de Guadalupe Library in Yamparaez.

Despite having no literacy skills and limited access to books, at the age of 6 Rider began to show an interest in reading. His love for literacy has since grown tenfold and Rider proudly sits at the top of his class for his advanced level of reading. Known by his teachers as the boy who is “always smiling and carrying a book”, Rider’s infectious love for reading is prevalent both in and out of school. Rider will often bring his younger brothers to the library with him so that he can teach them how to read or read aloud to other students.

Since Rider’s first day of school in 2010, Rider has visited the Virgen de Guadalupe Library almost every day! When asked why he chooses to go to the library after school every day rather than partake in other activities, Rider responded “I come to the library every day because I love discovering new and interesting books, and being able to work on my school work!”

Rider continues to wow his fellow peers, teachers, and the local librarian with his boundless enthusiasm for reading, and serves as an inspiration for all students! BiblioWorks can’t wait to see what his bright future as a scholar has in store for him!

From BiblioWorks to Rider and all students in Bolivia: Happy Student Day! May your days be filled with endless books and reading galore!