New Library! Barrio Japon

Biblioworks recently opened a new library! The team is proud to announce that the Barrio Japon library is now up and running.

The Barrio Japon library stands out as a bright, vibrant, colorful center for children to play games, learn, and read. While the library encourages play, the area schools also utilize the library as a helpful resource for work. Every morning during the school week, elementary school teachers bring their students to the library to study and work on their assignments. After lunchtime, the library remains open as a designated study hall space. Afterwards, the center becomes a place for students to play and read books.

The library has two rooms: one for elementary school students and one for high school students. Biblioworks volunteers spend time at the library in the afternoons to help students with homework, and the staff is working in the library while school teachers create a schedule for the library to be open in the evenings.

While in Bolivia, Maritza, the Biblioworks Director in Bolivia, reported that this library has become a “haven” for many children. Recently Bolivia has faced violence towards children, including that of physical, sexual, and domestic abuse, alongside child labor. One of the reasons these hardships arose stems from parents working long hours in the city, where children are left alone in result. In face of these challenges and struggles, the library is a place where kids are able to escape such harsh realities and “be children again.” The library is a place where children can be carefree, inquisitive, and happy. Here at Biblioworks, we are very proud of the Barrio Japon Library and the way it is already impacting the community around it!