Meet Our Librarian: An Example in Overcoming Adversity

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Sixto Vargas Pachacopa is 29 years old, born in the community of Fuerte Rua, and is responsible for our library in the Municipality of Tomina. He finished his studies with much effort, and graduated with honors from the CEA (Center for Alternative Education). Currently, he is in the second year of his agriculture studies at the José Martí Institute, where he studies in the mornings, and during the afternoons he is a librarian.

From the age of 15, he began to attend meetings in his community because his father was sick, and later, was elected catechist leader to teach classes to children. At 18, he was hired to be a journalist, using the training he received at ACLO (radio station). In August of 2017, he was elected to be the president of the Municipal Youth Council, and he is currently the Secretary General of the José Martí Institute of the Municipality of Tomina.

His Goals
To be a professional, and to own his own enterprise as an agricultural producer in his municipality; in this way, he can help the people that need it the most by giving them the opportunity to work. He also wants to continue learning and specialize in agricultural issues.

His Message
“Everyone can study and be someone in life. Studying facilitates knowledge, so do not be content with only being a college graduate; if you have the opportunity to continue studying, do it in a way that contributes to the development of the municipality and the country.”