Working for a future in the library of Maragua

 Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit the first library that Biblioworks opened in the region of Sucre, today we met one of the newest ones: Maragua.

Biblioteca Escolor

School Library of Maragua

At 6:00 we met with Paola, Jhamel, Zannah and Roxana in front of the organization’s facilities. Much of the road to Maragua is not asphalted and is very rugged so we decided it was better to leave the Zaigua resting and accommodate as well as we could in a 4 × 4 that the NGO had rented for our transfer. The landscape arriving into the town is amazing, there are some rock formations similar to those that we saw in Torotoro but of greater magnitude. The truth is, what we have seen of the geology of Bolivia, is very  impressive. Our experienced driver, Don Sergio, made us arrive in Maragua in just one hour and a half, if we had brought the Zaigua we would have taken an hour more.


Children enjoying the sunshine

The library is very spacious and has a lot of new materials, recently the US Embassy made a donation of books and today one of the tasks was coding and organizing them. In addition to books, the library has posters, games, interactive CDs and other materials to attract school children to this point of knowledge.

image: maragua-rox

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