Women’s literacy in BiblioWorks’ libraries

Doña Prima filling out her writing worksheet

In 2012 we have embarked on an exciting program in two of our libraries, Morado K’asa and Tarabuco. In these two communities, we have been working with women’s groups in the libraries. The women in these towns are predominantly indigenous Quechua-speakers and are often not able to read and write with fluidity.READ MORE

Artists in Tomina

Aldana with her drawing of Rebecca

In our Tomina library a group of twenty children are enjoying becoming budding artists. Thanks to a former volunteer contact in the UK, we are organizing an exchange between children who are part of the new reading group in Tomina and fourteen artists from the UK. We have sent the participating children’s photos to the artists, and likewise, the artists have sent their photos to Bolivia.

The idea is that the artists will draw the children with professional materials and then hold an exhibition in London to try and raise money for the Tomina library! Here in Bolivia, the children are drawing the artists and we will also hold a simultaneous exhibition, with copies of the artists’ portrayals of the children, here in the city of Sucre.READ MORE

First ever literacy festival in Sucre Bolivia

Painting a mural about why literacy and reading are important

The recent literacy festival (Saturday, April 14th) organized by BiblioWorks was a huge success for BiblioWorks and for the city of Sucre. We set out to organize the first festival of its kind, a day to celebrate culture and a day to celebrate literacy and reading. READ MORE

Promoting Community Libraries

Adults reading pamphlets about the importance of education

BiblioWorks has been working hard this year to promote each of our libraries in the communities. All of our libraries are public; however most of the people who visit them are children, high school students and teachers. This year we have been creating strategies to attract adults to use our libraries.READ MORE

Sustainability in the Villa Serrano Library

School Principals sign the sustainability agreement

This year BiblioWorks is focusing on making our libraries sustainable and leaving them in the capable hands of local governments and community leaders. By the end of 2011 we will leave behind the Municipal Library in Villa Serrano. BiblioWorks has worked in Villa Serrano since 2007 when the library was inaugurated. The library is a cultural center where many children, teachers and other community members go every day.READ MORE

Adults go to the Yamparáez library

Parents learn about the educational games in the library

Recently BiblioWorks organized a day-long activity with parents whose kids visit the library in Yamparáez . Unfortunately we have not worked much with adults as most of the library users in all of the towns are children or high-school students. The activity involved a brief introduction to the benefits of literacy and education and then some activities to motivate the parents to read about the things they enjoy doing. It was a huge success and the parents left wanting to learn more.READ MORE

Teacher Workshop in Tomina

Teachers create their own stories from picture books

This week BiblioWorks held a one-day workshop for teachers in Tomina. The BiblioWorks staff worked with forty-two teachers offering them innovative reading activities for their classrooms. The workshop was designed so that the teachers would have new and creative strategies to get kids to read, no matter what subject they teach. The forty-two teachers ranged from kindergarten through twelfth grade and we were able to work in small groups so they were free to design activities based on the level they teach.READ MORE

Kids make bookmarks in BiblioWorks’ libraries

Some of the bookmarks being made in Tomina

Libraries are a wonderful place not only for curling up and reading a good book, but also for cultural activities. Even though our eight libraries in Bolivia are small, there are many kids that go every day to do their homework, read, play games, and learn how to use the computer. Each librarian also offers a variety of different activities ranging from arts and crafts to reading games.READ MORE

BiblioWorks participates in local exposition

Our table at the exposition

This past week BiblioWorks participated in an exposition fair with other non-profit organizations in the city of Sucre. The fair was organized by an organization called C.I.M.E.T. which works with child workers who work on the streets of Sucre. BiblioWorks participated in a press conference, presented a short power point presentation about our work supporting literacy and gave people some interactive ways to encourage literacy and reading habits in children.


Cultural festival in Morado K’asa

The librarian in traditional indigenous dress for the town festival


Last week the entire BiblioWorks team traveled to our oldest library in Morado K’asa to celebrate their town’s anniversary. When we arrived we were greeted warmly by the librarian and other community members with some “chicha” the local corn beer, which is drank during important festivals. The town organized several different parties showcasing some of the typical indigenous dances, music and food.


The eighth BiblioWorks library opens its doors!

BiblioWorks is excited to announce the opening of our eighth library in rural Bolivia! The newest member of the BiblioWorks family is located in the town of Tomina, which is about 100 kilometers from the city of Sucre. It is a small town, with beautiful green hills and a peaceful river.





Kids being entertained before the ceremony READ MORE

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