Adults go to the Yamparáez library

Parents learn about the educational games in the library

Recently BiblioWorks organized a day-long activity with parents whose kids visit the library in Yamparáez . Unfortunately we have not worked much with adults as most of the library users in all of the towns are children or high-school students. The activity involved a brief introduction to the benefits of literacy and education and then some activities to motivate the parents to read about the things they enjoy doing. It was a huge success and the parents left wanting to learn more.

The librarian has told us that since then a few of those parents have returned to the library to look for a book or just to see what their children are doing. We hope to organize more activities with parents and adults in general in all of our libraries. With more resources and staff, our libraries would be able to benefit more people and we could organize more and better activities such as this one.

A woman reading in the Yamparaez library