Sustainability in the Villa Serrano Library

School Principals sign the sustainability agreement

This year BiblioWorks is focusing on making our libraries sustainable and leaving them in the capable hands of local governments and community leaders. By the end of 2011 we will leave behind the Municipal Library in Villa Serrano. BiblioWorks has worked in Villa Serrano since 2007 when the library was inaugurated. The library is a cultural center where many children, teachers and other community members go every day.

During 2011 the BiblioWorks staff has implemented a comprehensive sustainability plan which has included trainings with the librarian, teachers, high school students, forming a committee to oversee the sustainability of the library, promoting the library on the local radio and television stations and many other activities both in the library and in the community in general. This week we had a great meeting with the sustainability committee and other members of the local government to sign a sustainability agreement. During the meeting we also delivered new books mainly for the use of teachers, since there is a large teacher’s college in the town of Villa Serrano.

We are excited to be on the road to creating sustainable libraries. With your help and support we hope to make more of our libraries sustainable in 2012 so that we can build new libraries in other communities in need.


Kids participate in a drawing contest in the Villa Serrano library