Women’s literacy in BiblioWorks’ libraries

Doña Prima filling out her writing worksheet

In 2012 we have embarked on an exciting program in two of our libraries, Morado K’asa and Tarabuco. In these two communities, we have been working with women’s groups in the libraries. The women in these towns are predominantly indigenous Quechua-speakers and are often not able to read and write with fluidity.

This has been an exciting year for BiblioWorks and we would like you to be a part of it! We have opened the doors to 8 new, public libraries since 2005. Previously in these eight communities, there was very little access to information. Since 2005, we have mainly focused on working with children and high-school students, because they have generally been the most interested in using the services our libraries offer.


We have enjoyed working with these two groups of women, because they are so enthusiastic to learn and improve their quality of life. In each session we organize an activity that the women request. So far we have carried out a variety of sessions such as making a fruit salad, making arts and crafts out of recycled materials, sewing, painting, planting seeds and other motivating activities. During each session we relate the theme of the day to literacy, writing and reading. We create worksheets for the women to practice writing words related to each activity and have them read short passages pertinent to their lives.

These classes have been a huge success and thanks to the support of some great volunteers and our dedicated staff we have been able to see a positive change in the women’s attitudes towards literacy and learning.

With your support we can continue to organize programs such as these. We want each of our libraries to be vibrant cultural centers where all of the members of each community can find something enriching for their lives. We could not have done all that we’ve already done without your support. We have so many more dreams and aspirations for positively impacting Bolivian communities that will be impossible without your continued support!

Find out more about becoming involved in these important projects under our How to Help section.

Doña Marina and Doña Julian cut apples for the fruit salad