BiblioWorks participates in local exposition

Our table at the exposition

This past week BiblioWorks participated in an exposition fair with other non-profit organizations in the city of Sucre. The fair was organized by an organization called C.I.M.E.T. which works with child workers who work on the streets of Sucre. BiblioWorks participated in a press conference, presented a short power point presentation about our work supporting literacy and gave people some interactive ways to encourage literacy and reading habits in children.

The exposition was a great success and was a wonderful opportunity for BiblioWorks to make some new contacts with local organizations and explain our important work to people who are interested in supporting good causes. We also took the opportunity to make T-shirts for our entire staff and the one-day event was the perfect occasion to strengthen our team to be able to work together better for the common good of our literacy projects!



The BiblioWorks team (Maritza, Matt and Roxana) at the local fair