Teacher Workshop in Tomina

Teachers create their own stories from picture books

This week BiblioWorks held a one-day workshop for teachers in Tomina. The BiblioWorks staff worked with forty-two teachers offering them innovative reading activities for their classrooms. The workshop was designed so that the teachers would have new and creative strategies to get kids to read, no matter what subject they teach. The forty-two teachers ranged from kindergarten through twelfth grade and we were able to work in small groups so they were free to design activities based on the level they teach.

The workshop was a great success and we are extremely pleased that the teachers left feeling empowered and excited to try out the new activities with their students. We also invited the teachers to set up a schedule with the librarian to visit the library twice a month with the classrooms. After seeing some of the beautiful library books, they were all very excited to be able to use the library to improve their courses. We hope to work more closely with the teachers in Tomina to improve education and literacy together!


Teachers planning new reading activities for their classrooms