Artists in Tomina

Aldana with her drawing of Rebecca

In our Tomina library a group of twenty children are enjoying becoming budding artists. Thanks to a former volunteer contact in the UK, we are organizing an exchange between children who are part of the new reading group in Tomina and fourteen artists from the UK. We have sent the participating children’s photos to the artists, and likewise, the artists have sent their photos to Bolivia.

The idea is that the artists will draw the children with professional materials and then hold an exhibition in London to try and raise money for the Tomina library! Here in Bolivia, the children are drawing the artists and we will also hold a simultaneous exhibition, with copies of the artists’ portrayals of the children, here in the city of Sucre.

We are still in the initial stages of the project, and hope to hold the exhibitions sometime in early 2013. However through the project we have strengthened the children’s reading group in the Tomina library and seen great artistic talent and potential in the children there. If enough money is raised through the project we hope to be able to offer art classes to the participating children as a follow-up to this exciting project.

This is only one of the many projects happening every day in each of our eight rural libraries. We hope to be able to bring more projects like this to the children of Bolivia, who are so enthusiastic to learn. We have only been able to do this with your help and will only continue to grow through your continued support!



Alison and Elida starting their drawings