Promoting Community Libraries

Adults reading pamphlets about the importance of education

BiblioWorks has been working hard this year to promote each of our libraries in the communities. All of our libraries are public; however most of the people who visit them are children, high school students and teachers. This year we have been creating strategies to attract adults to use our libraries.

One of our biggest successes promoting our libraries was in Tarabuco earlier in the year. Thanks to the help of Allison Dunlap and Ryan Crennen we organized an event in Tarabuco which attracted children and adults from the community to see the Municipal library and the services it offers.

Each Sunday the town of Tarabuco hosts one of the largest indigenous markets in Bolivia and the town is bustling with vendors, people from rural communities and tourists. BiblioWorks with the help of our volunteers organized a table with reading materials for adults, games for children and presentations about the library services. It was a great success and since we have seen the increase in users in the Tarabuco library!


Volunteer Ryan Crennen reads with some kids outside the library