10,000 books bound for Bolivia!

The ocean-bound shipment for Bolivia of 10,000 books, 30 computers, and library supplies is at last on its way!

After months of receiving donations, sorting, and packaging, the shipment for the libraries in Presto and Patacon left our warehouse today, with 10,000 books, 30 computers and monitors, 6 laser printers, and 4 pallets of library furniture.  After growing so used to shuffling all of it around our warehouse for the past 5 months, it was almost sad to see it go!


BiblioWorks attends the fall LEAF festival

In mid-October, BiblioWorks was pleased to have the opportunity to set up a booth location at the popular LEAF festival, 2005.  Neal Thompson, author of “Light the Candle,” was gracious enough to host a book signing in which we gave out free signed copies of his book.

Pictured below, a guest chats with Neal while having his book signed. Allen Singleton, President of BiblioWorks, looks on.



Allen Singleton
Featured Library: Padilla
To be inaugurated in June 2016
BiblioWorks’ 13th library
4 hours from Sucre

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