10,000 books bound for Bolivia!

The ocean-bound shipment for Bolivia of 10,000 books, 30 computers, and library supplies is at last on its way!

After months of receiving donations, sorting, and packaging, the shipment for the libraries in Presto and Patacon left our warehouse today, with 10,000 books, 30 computers and monitors, 6 laser printers, and 4 pallets of library furniture.  After growing so used to shuffling all of it around our warehouse for the past 5 months, it was almost sad to see it go!

The shipment weighs about 5 tons altogether, and will be shipping out of Savannah, Georgia, destined from Arica, Chile.  Our Latin American Project Coordinator, Megan, will meet the shipment with Victor Menchacha of CESATCH.  Together, they will enlist a caravan of trucks to carry the load up over the Andes mountains (about a thousand miles as the crow flies) and into Sucre, Bolivia where it will enter our Bolivian staging warehouse.  The shipment is planned to arrive in Sucre around the end of December.