BiblioWorks Supplies 300 Books to WNC Homeless Shelter

In cooperation with ABCCM, a Western North Carolina relief agency, BiblioWorks has provided 300 books for a local homeless shelter.

As part of an ongoing committment to support local organizations in providing access to literacy and education, BiblioWorks donated 300 books to the ABCCM (Asheville-Buncombe Christian Community Mission) for their men’s homeless shelter.  The books included a wide variety of topics and interests, ranging from popular fiction to classic fiction, from history to self-help books.  BiblioWorks will also be coordinating to provide ongoing “cycling” of materials on a quarterly basis to ensure fresh reading materials are available to the shelter’s residents.

The ABCCM men’s homeless shelter currently houses approximately 60 people, many of whom are disabled or are veterans in the process of a transition program to aid them in gaining employment and sustainable housing solutions.




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