BiblioWorks at LEAF’s international childrens’ village

Schoolgirls outside our newest library in Tomina, Bolivia

BiblioWorks is proud to have been chosen to host a big tent in the childrens’ village at the popular 3-day LEAF festival this coming weekend! (the festival is located in Black Mountain, NC)

If you’re planning on being there, please stop by (especially if you have kids).  We’ll have a variety of activities for kids (and adults) to learn about Bolivia and its culture, including story times, make-your-own-bookmarks & make-your-own-book-jackets, and a chance to get your photo taken in Bolivian garb (with a llama)!

So, if you’ve ever been curious as to why the banking industry is so interested in moths from Bolivia, what makes Flamingos pink, or where you can find pink dolphins, make sure and come by Saturday or Sunday!