Project Details

Morado K’asa

Biblioteca Villa Zamora

Quick Facts

  • Inaugurated April 2005
  • BiblioWorks’ 1st library
  • Community Library
  • 2.5 hours from Sucre

Morado Kasa is a special place for Biblioworks. It is here where our work started in 2005. Morado Kasa is a small agricultural community that relies on the cultivation of potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and peaches, among other crops. Its residents predominantly speak Quechua, and even the younger generations continue to speak Quechua as their first language.

The library was founded at the request of the community youth group JUSIBA, which proposed the idea to its Peace Corps volunteer, Megan Sherar. The community itself constructed the library facility in early 2005. The people of Morado K’asa remain at the heart of Biblioteca Villa Zamora and BiblioWorks.

Get Involved!

Donate! Your donations at work in Morado K’asa:

$25 will provide training in leadership for the group JUSIBA

$50 will supply a book to inform women about maternal health, nutrition, and hygiene

$100 will go toward the purchase of a computer for the youth group JUSIBA

Volunteer in Morado K’asa (link to the volunteer application)

Continue past projects by teaching English classes and working with the town’s youth group, or propose your own idea to encourage literacy and build community in Morado K’asa.


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