Meet Ruben from Yamparáez

Ruben in the Yamparáez library

Ruben Ortiz is a ten year old who lives in Yamparáez, where BiblioWorks opened the town’s first public library in 2007. He is energetic, always laughing and attends the library every afternoon. Ruben is part of the Yamparáez library’s reading club, which is comprised of about 20 children. They meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. to do activities focused on improving reading skills. They also play games, take English classes from volunteers, learn computer skills, draw and many other activities that motivate them to improve their education.


Ruben stands out among the group. He is extremely intelligent and is a clear example of the real impact BiblioWorks is having on improving the lives of children in Bolivia. Like most families in Yamparáez, his has not escaped the vicious cycle of material poverty, however through improved education, Ruben and the rest of his generation can end poverty in communities like Yamparáez.

The library in this small, impoverished, indigenous community, about 10 miles from the city of Sucre, has given Ruben a new opportunity, an opportunity that is changing his life for the better. If you were to walk into the library in Yamparáez on any afternoon, Ruben would probably greet you by saying (in English), “Hello, what’s your name?”

BiblioWorks depends on the generous donations of people like you. Please help us provide more books, open more libraries in communities in need and find more Rubens who are thirsty to learn and improve their lives. Please consider a donation of any size right now by visiting our How to help page.

Kids from the reading club in Yamparáez (Ruben is on the far right)