Meet Angie in Tomina!

Angie outside of the Tomina library

Angie is a twelve-year-old girl who lives in the town of Tomina. She lives with her grandmother across the street from the library. Unfortunately her grandmother doesn’t know the value of education and the positive impact that the library can (and is) having on Angie’s life; she doesn’t allow Angie to visit the library after she returns home from her morning classes.

Even though Angie isn’t allowed to go to the library, she spends every afternoon there. She enjoys assisting the librarian in shelving the books and spends the rest of the time reading books that she enjoys. She would be a great candidate for a BiblioWorks librarian in a few years!

Angie is also part of the first ever reading group in Tomina. This is a group of approximately 15 children that meet every afternoon, Wednesday through Friday to read stories and do reading activities with the librarian.

Please get involved with BiblioWorks to help us offer library and literacy services to more children in need like Angie and all of the children in the reading club in Tomina.