Thanks to Across the Globe Children’s Foundation, Padilla will Read!

Girls from padilla

The small Bolivian town of Padilla (which is actually one of the biggest towns in the Chuquisaca department) is soon going to have its first library.

BiblioWorks, in partnership with Across the Globe Children’s Foundation and in coordination with the school district and municipal government, is setting up a new library in Padilla. This library will serve more than 12,500 people and will support the work of three primary schools, two high schools and a college in the area.

Across the Globe Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization, based on Connecticut, that works to give children hope for a better future. The foundation provides support to projects around the world that help children and families living in poverty. In doing so, they support children around the world that lack the basic necessities of clean water, shelter, food and education.

Across the Globe Children’s Foundation will fund the implementation of the new library, while Biblioworks will coordinate the project as well as provide training and share their expertise.

The need for a library in the community is evident. With one of the largest school districts in Chuquisaca, Padilla requires additional services to support the work of the institutions that provide formal education.

With the implementation of the library, children will have a space to enjoy books as well as receive support with their school homework, teenagers will have a place to develop their knowledge, and adults can come together to organize and create knowledge for their community.

Thank you Across the Globe Children’s Foundation. The community of Padilla appreciates your support.