Morado K’asa Library Receives Further Donations from BiblioWorks

On April 19th, 2006, exactly one year to the date of the original library inauguration, the Biblioteca “Villa Zamora” received an additional donation on the part of the Mayor’s office and BiblioWorks. 

200 more books and two computers were donated by BiblioWorks to the library – part of the materials that were received through the shipment of a 20-foot container from North Carolina to Sucre.  The computers were set-up on two computer desks donated by the local municipality and mayor’s office.  

A small event took place – with words given by Victor Menchaca, Director of CESATCH, a representative for the Mayor’s Office, a community representative, and both Brendan Sherar, Vice-President for BiblioWorks, visiting from the U.S., and Megan Sherar, Latin America Project Coordinator for BiblioWorks, who resides in Sucre.  Afterwards juice and snacks were served to the kids and the community had prepared a meal for the participating guests.

This act is our way of showing that our work in libraries is a continual commitment.