Meet the New Members of our BiblioWorks Family

We are starting a new year and we are excited to get to work. We have many things planned for 2016:  our annual Reading Festival, a new library, achieving sustainability in two of our existing libraries, a new Reading Corner and a new local committee.

As we begin this year we want to welcome our new Bolivian National Committee members and we would like to introduce them to you: Mirtha Canseco, Marco Antonio Rios, and Tahi Abrego.

volunteer_1Mirtha is a psychiatrist at the San Juan de Dios children’s mental health center, the largest local nonprofit in Sucre. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and has more than 25 years of experience in  the nonprofit sector in Sucre. Mirtha is well a known person in Sucre. She has been involved in a variety of social and professional organizations. She is very committed to working for children’s well being.




MarcoAntonioMarco Antonio is an architect from Sucre who has participated in different cultural and artistic events, as an organizer and as an artist. He is an entrepreneur in road construction and public housing. He has been involved in the cultural work of the local government. His family is originally from Tomina, one of the towns where BiblioWorks has implemented a library. He is committed to spreading Bolivian culture and developing rural areas. In addition to his other achievements, he is the author of a short story that takes place in Tomina.



TahiTahi is a psychologist who graduated from San Simon University in Cochabamba and she also has a Master’s from the University of Barcelona. She has been involved in nonprofit work her entire professional life. As the director of Fundacion Realidades, one of the most recognized nonprofits in Sucre, she has experience in nonprofit management. She has coordinated several grass roots projects, helped to start a local Human Rights Watch coalition and has participated in advocacy processes in favor of marginalized groups. She has been involved for several years with the Scouts in Sucre.


The presence of a national committee will allow for better governance. They will support Biblioworks staff in outreach, advocacy with the local government, fundraising, and program evaluation and learning.

Thank you so much to our new committee members for being part of our dream and welcome to our BiblioWorks family!

Please leave a welcome message to our new members in the comments section at the bottom of this page.