Women in Bolivia are amazing. They are so strong and so smart. I am baffled at the way they can spin yarn around and sew something perfect at any given moment. They have Mary Poppins-sized secret pockets from which they often pull out beautiful creations they are working on. Despite obvious dexterous and artistic advantages, they are still always willing to try something new, silly as it may be.

That being said, our women’s groups are blossoming! We are having so much fun…Aude is an amazing teacher and has been getting the women really excited about learning. She is teaching two very different levels of literacy classes in Tarabuco and Morado K’asa. All women so far have made their own name-tags from finding and cutting out letters in local newspapers. The group in Morado K’asa have also successfully made mini-clay versions of their houses, and last week put them on a map of their town!

Many women in our groups are using a pencil for the first time, and are learning how much work goes into writing and reading. Aude makes sure the women stretch (and shake) out their hands and shoulders before attempting any writing. The women love it!

I have posted a few pictures of the last two weeks of classes and want thank Aude for all of her hard work!

We are off to Pampa Aceituno tomorrow to finish up our painting and get the library in perfect order. Wish us luck!!!

Love Erin