Support Clarita’s Reading Corner

Clarita likes to sit on the librarian’s lap and listen to stories while she follows the text and pictures with her eyes. After the story is over she plays with games, while recalling words that she saw in the book. Clarita has become a favorite among all of the volunteers that come to Pampa Aceituno to work with our organization. She learned to read at the age of four, something that would have never happened without the support of the Reading Corners program.

A Reading Corner is a space in the library that is dedicated to children ages 4 to 8. The corners have pillows, a rug, games, colorful books, and lots of love for the youngest of our children. There children can read books by themselves, the librarian can read stories to them, or they can participate in creative activities to promote their enjoyment of reading.

In 2014, Helen and Mareka implemented the first Reading Corner in the library in the small community of Pampa Aceituno, where they were volunteers with BiblioWorks. That reading corner was such a success among the children and increased their reading enjoyment, that we decided to open two more Reading Corners in Tarabuquillo and Arquillos the same year!

There are many children like Clarita that could benefit from the Reading Corners program. To support these children, please consider a donation to help us to open five new Reading Corners in 2016 to increase literacy learning for more than 200 kids.

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To find out more about volunteering with BiblioWorks in Bolivia, please visit this page.