Yamparaez Library Celebrates 1-year annniversary


Yamparaez mayor, Anastacio Tango, presenting Latin America Project Coordinator, Megan Sherar, with a small gift at the 1-year anniversary of the library.

The day before their 1-year anniversary, the Yamparaez library committee organized a special event to celebrate both the 1st anniversary of the library and the annually celebrated “Kids Day”.  The elementary school teachers prepared their students for an educational poster contest, where each classroom had to choose a topic related to either children’s’ rights and responsibilities or to literacy and books.  Each classroom then presented their work to be judged by a board of selected individuals from the Mayor’s office, the School board of education, and BiblioWorks’ Latin America Project Coordinator, Megan Sherar.  The posters were judged based on creativity, relevance to topic, and presentation.  After the posters were reviewed by the judges, a small act commenced to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the library, including traditional dances and music.  Yamparaez mayor then presented Megan Sherar with a small token of gratitude for BiblioWorks’ commitment and work in the Yamparaez library.   We are so proud of our library in Yamparaez; they have proved to be one of our best libraries so far!  We would also like to thank Russell Lyon, Peace Corps volunteer in Yamparaez, for the wonderful pictures that he took of this special occasion!

Two school girls from Yamparaez.

4th grade class presenting their educational poster about children's rights and duties.

Humorous, yet educational poster showing a book being treated poorly.

Latin America Project Coordinator with the recognition plaque given to her by the Yamaparaez mayor.

Yamparaez library one year after opening its doors.

School children preparing to present their work.