The newest BiblioWorks library!

Prep day. Liz, Karen & Erin on our way up to the school. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we hitch a ride on a work truck!

Hola! Karen here – I just wanted to update everyone on all the work that is being done at the Pampa Aceituno school library. This is BW latest library (opened in April 2012) and the one where I will initially be the librarian until the end of October. Hopefully, at that that time, I will be able to pass the job on to one of the teachers. The kids are currently on winter break so we all decided it would be a great idea to surprise them with a freshly painted library! It was a lot of work but we had tons of fun – thanks to the incredible BWs staff (Matt, Maritza, and Liz) and to the amazing cadre of volunteers who helped (Erin, Frances, Carl, and Beth)!

Last week, we all headed up to PA to prep the walls for painting. Not anyone´s favorite part of the job but, with 7 of us, we were able to do in a short time. Today, we all headed up again to paint. Pictures say more than words, so here you go…

Apparently, the goats have a great time at the school during winter break!

The calm before the paint storm with Liz, Maritza, Beth, Frances, and Carl.


First color, “celeste” or sky blue.

Liz is ready to paint!!

The “celeste” wall. Erin is the tallest of everyone – invaluable  since we did not have a ladder.


Matt, the Director of BW, is a great manager. Not such a great painter.

Beth, our newest volunteer, was delegated to the lower parts of the wall. She´s short.

The “amarillo” or yellow wall. Lovely.

Everyone´s favorite. The “lila” or lilac wall.


The (almost) finished product. What a great day!

We still have a lot of work to do. In addition to the walls, we (ok, no, not me) also sketched out reading and game murals which will be painted soon. I am so excited for the kids to return and truly believe that the library will be a welcoming and safe place for the entire community!



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