The library in Yamparáez: On the road to sustainability

The library’s 5th anniversary in April, 2012

Thanks to your help and all of the support from the community of Yamparáez, we will have yet another sustainable library at the end of 2012!

The Yamparáez library has been opened since 2007 and since the beginning the teachers, the library patrons and the entire community have supported it whole-heartedly. Every year in April there is a town-wide celebration of the library’s anniversary with reading games and other activities to motivate the community and promote the services the library offers.

One of the most important components of sustainability in the Yamparáez library has been the dedicated work of the library committee. The committee is made up of 6 leaders in education and local government. They work voluntarily to organize activities with patrons in the library and outreach activities in the school and community.

There are over 2,000 books ranging from children’s literature, to agriculture, to healthcare for teenagers. There are also educational games, puppets and a puppet theater, computers, a television and a DVD player and lots of documentaries and educational videos.

The current librarian has been working with a group of 25 children who have formed the first BiblioWorks reading club. They meet every afternoon to read, draw, learn about the computers, receive homework help and do a variety of other activities which contribute to their personal and educational development.

We are truly proud of the work we are doing in rural communities in Bolivia. Yamparáez and the activities mentioned above are only a few of our achievements. With your continued support, we can open more sustainable libraries in communities in need. Find out how you can support this and other important projects in our How to Help section!

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” — Victor Hugo


Matt with Liz Beth the library committee president


Teenagers participate in a literacy workshop in the library