The ´Cara a Cara´ project undertaken with the children from the library ´Kiskaluru´ in Tomina and with working children who sell the Inti magazine at the Plaza 25 Mayo in Sucre has successfully finished.

The results obtained are good, with the children learning about how to be good leaders in their home, school, and work as is the case of the Inti children. Now each child can put these skills to practice in their daily lives.

They have also learnt about self-esteem and to love themselves and others, which has really helped the children to accept themselves. They have demonstrated all their achievements with ease, without fear of the others that make fun of them, and in addition they have learnt to recognize their flaws and how they can change these flaws into virtues.

  Niñas de la biblioteca Kiskaluru trabajando el tema de autoestima

The children have strengthened their reading habits, and undertaken productions for the Inti magazine, including writing stories, legends, poems, and drawing illustrations.

                                                    Niña compartiendo un té en el cierre del proyecto Cara a Cara

The closing took place with a party, where they all shared delicious snacks, cake, chocolate, and enjoyed the toys that came in their bags.