La Feria de la Lectura

The team in our blue BiblioWorks shirts

The team in our blue BiblioWorks shirts

I had been hearing about the Feria de la Lectura for months before I arrived in Bolivia. Before I even crossed the border, I had a blue BiblioWorks team shirt waiting for me in the office, and by the time the big day arrived, I was completely caught up in the excitement.READ MORE

Nuestra Feria de Lectura!

Our stand in Tarabuco

So, the last couple of weeks have been pretty slow in the library in Tarabuco, in terms of library users, but we´ve had a “Feria de Lectura” and an attempt at taking an inventory of all the books (we got through about an eighth) to keep us busy!

So on Sunday (1st) I got up at five to meet at the Tarabuco bus stop at seven, as we had an event to run in Tarabuco that morning. The “Feria de Lectura” was originally planned as a multiple-stand event, with the three schools in Tarabuco coming along, which would´ve allowed us to promote the library to hundreds of kids. What we actually got was a stand at the annual gastronomy/textile/agricultural fair. This led to a few challenges: inadequate space to properly set out the activities; lack of children present (most of them were helping their parents to sell stuff); and a general feeling that we were out of place, being probably the only stand not selling things.READ MORE

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