Presto Library Project Update

The Presto library has now been open for a year this April.  Without a doubt, it is one of our best libraries.

The librarian, Domingo Vela-Vela, has been working in the library since last May, after his training with the National Book Bank (Banco del Libro) in La Paz.  There he spent a week being trained in simple dewey decimal system and the management of a library.  Upon his return, the library began its regular opening schedule of 10 am-noon and 2:30-8pm Monday through Saturday, offering the opportunity for a average of 40 library users per day.  The library is also functioning with 10 computers, which are being used by the teachers and students of 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.   There is also internet in the library that the students can use for homework assignments.  Domingo Vela-Vela works directly with the students, helping them find the books that they need and orienting them in the use of the internet.

In November of 2006, the National Book Bank came to Presto to sign a contract with the Municipal Government and to donate a variety of books.  Students from the elementary and high schools came with their teachers to participate in the event, where speeches were made by the Mayor, Jose Romero, and the School District Director, Victor Espada.  Afterwards, kids were invited to browse the new books that went to their library.  In the contract with the National Book Bank, the Municipal Government agrees to pay for lights, water and a librarian and also to make annual book purchases for the library.

This May, the National Book Bank will be returning to donate more books.  This time they will be accompanied by a representative of the US Embassy’s Book Program.   In this program the US Embassy provides American literature, history and classics that have been translated to English.