New Volunteers at BiblioWorks

Erin worked with a women’s group in Tarabuco offering literacy classes to them

During the month of September we were with very few volunteers here at BiblioWorks in Sucre, Bolivia. That was strange because 2012 has been the year of the volunteer for BiblioWorks. We have had over 20 volunteers since January who have all contributed positively to the growth of the organization and created new and exciting activities in each of our libraries.

We were a little concerned when Anthony, our last volunteer left us a few weeks ago without a single volunteer! However, Monday morning saw 4 new volunteers come through the BiblioWorks door to plan new projects in the libraries. Next week we are expecting the arrival of 2 more.

Sometimes it can be time-consuming to manage volunteers, however their motivation to leave a lasting impact on the communities where we work, makes up for the time we dedicate to them. This post is intended to thank each and every one of the volunteers who have helped us to improve BiblioWorks in so many ways. Each person who comes to Bolivia brings a new and creative perspective on how we can make our services better and impact more lives through literacy.

Unfortunately I can’t thank each of you here, because that would mean a long list of names, but hopefully you will read this and keep spreading the word about Bolivia and our libraries. Also if you’re reading this and thinking of coming to Bolivia, find out more on our How to Help page.


Gareth (foreground) helped raise money for the first ever literacy fair in Sucre, Josh helped out with grant-writing, at the literacy fair and in Morado K’asa


Alexia worked with the kids that are part of the reading club in Yamaparáez


Mary and Taylor (pictured) worked with the kids in the Tomina library