My First Week At BiblioWorks!

Hi everyone!

If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about volunteering at BiblioWorks, and to you I say, DO IT!* After a going through security screenings in four different countries I arrived to beautiful** Sucre last Saturday. After only a week of working here I’m totally convinced that I made the right decision to be the BiblioWorks Volunteer Coordinator for a year. By the way, my name is Zannah, like Hannah, but with a Z. 🙂

The people who work here are so clearly passionate about our goal of instilling a love of reading through our libraries that I couldn’t help but get even more excited about working with BiblioWorks. I especially can’t wait to get out to all the libraries and meet the wonderful people there. 🙂 So far I’ve been working on making the volunteer program here even stronger, so we can continue the tradition of amazing volunteers joining our cause.

Although I haven’t met all the volunteers currently serving the BW, I can confidently say that BW volunteers are interesting, dedicated, and overall great people! I want to wish new volunteers Inge, Rob, and Anna and Shaun the best of luck in starting their volunteer projects in Tarabuco, Morado K’asa, and Presto.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them soon about their experiences.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email me!

<3 Zannah


* you’ll probably notice that I overuse exclamation points- I hope I won’t offend any grammar fanatics too badly!

**seriously, isn’t it gorgeous?