Library in Pampa Aceituno

Child doing a creative writing activity in the Pampa Aceituno library

This year BiblioWorks has teamed up with the Bolivian run and owned petroleum company YPFB transporte to open a new school library in the small community of Pampa Aceituno. The community is in the municipality of Sucre and is about a 15 minute ride up into the mountains surrounding Sucre.

The Bolivian company, YPFB transporte has financed the materials in the library and provided BiblioWorks staff with per-diem and materials to carry out trainings with teachers all year. The company does this as part of their social responsibility to communities where their gas pipeline passes through. BiblioWorks also donated storybooks, science books and other books from our office. We have also supported this library with over 7 volunteers, who have worked with the children and teachers at the school all year long.

The collaboration between YPFB transporte and BiblioWorks this year in Pampa Aceituno, was a huge success and while we will not continue working in the community next year, we hope to be able to collaborate with this company in other communities where their is a need for a library.

Please consider any size donation to help us continue benefiting communities in need, like Pampa Aceituno. As you can see from the pictures below, the children in the Pampa Aceituno library, and in all of the BiblioWorks libraries are improving their lives through books.


Children look through the bookshelves at all of the new books in their new library!


A girl enjoys one of the new books