BiblioWorks to open 9th library in Bolivia!

Help us create this in Tomoroco!

After all of our accomplishments in 2012, we are very excited about the new possibilities that await BiblioWorks in 2013. Our main goal, as always, is to put smiles on more children’s faces and give them books and libraries they can use to improve their education and their lives.

This year we are planning to open our 9th library in the community of Tomoroco!

This community is located approximately 10 miles from Presto, where there has been a BiblioWorks library since 2006. Tomoroco is part of the Presto municipality and we are working with the local government of Presto, the teachers and community members of Tomoroco and the Bolivian company YPFB to make the library a place of learning and culture.

We hope you become involved in this exciting new project and consider a contribution to improving the lives of children in Tomoroco. We need to raise 1,500$ in order to make this library a reality. We know we can do it (with your continued support!)

Your gift to the children of Tomoroco will ensure improved education for hundreds of children.




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