Getting started in Tarabuco

Hi, I´m Frances and I´m spending three months in Sucre volunteering with Biblioworks — and travelling around the country at weekends. I´m working mostly in our Tarabuco library.

Tarabuco is theoretically an hour away from Sucre, though it tends to take a little longer, as it did on Monday, when the rubber got ripped off the bus wheel and the driver had to change tyres. Tarabuco is also well-known for its Sunday market, which I went to last weekend, and will return to in August to get some souvenirs and gifts — my suitcase is going to make me look like some kind of textile smuggler.

The library in Tarabuco is popular, but has quite a few challenges, many of them due to the fact that it isn´t as well-supported as some of the other Biblioworks libraries. For example, the space that the library is in is very small, so it can get overcrowded.

This makes organization important, so my first job is to help Flora, the librarian, put the books in order, label them, and update the inventory. I am looking forward to starting on some other projects, such as working with the “Grupo de Niños” (children´s group), which has been set up in the past but is inactive at the moment. The idea is that the group will have a theatre angle, and I am trying to think of ways to tie this in with some of the books in the library. So hopefully I will soon be able to post about that!