Educational festival in Tarabuco

Kids turnout for reading activities

As the Bolivian school year comes to a close, all of our libraries are working hard to assist children and high-school students with their homework in preparation for their final exams. An important activity for the end of the school year, in every town, is an educational festival to spotlight the hard work the children have done all year.

BiblioWorks and the library in Tarabuco were recently asked to prepare activities for the educational festival to be held in the main plaza. The BiblioWorks staff and volunteers prepared lots of materials, books and games for the children who would participate in the festival.

There are usually setbacks and miscommunication in Bolivia, but for this event the teachers in Tarabuco win the prize. When the BiblioWorks team arrived to Tarabuco early in the morning to set up for the festival, they quickly realized no one else was setting up. The teachers and local authorities had failed to inform us that the festival had been postponed.

This did not deter our dedicated staff and they went to the school and told the kids that there would be reading activities and games in the main plaza. The kids came and participated and learned about the library and the fun things they can do there.

We are dedicated to literacy and reading and putting smiles on kids’ faces. The difficulties we face working in Bolivia with bureaucracy and miscommunication do not deter us from our mission. With your continued support we can continue to strengthen both our staff and our projects in Bolivia.


Kids reading at the educational festival